I’m a Dad!

I have a baby daughter now, and she’s been taking up the time and space that used to go to this blog.

But I am starting again, because it’s important to me to share my experience here.

Wow, the last six months. So much has happened. I have had periods where I had so much anxiety I wanted it to kill me so it would end. And I have had periods where I felt confident, even happy, and was making gains on what I could do without pain.

I want to say more about that, but what’s so tricky for me about writing this blog is my perfectionism. It prevents me from even trying to post, because every post has to be perfect. And if I don’t have the time or space to craft a perfect post, I won’t do it at all.

So this will be an imperfect post. Rambling, meandering, unedited. Sentences maybe longer than they could be. Thoughts less connected than they could be. Paragraphs that don’t follow each other.

My baby daughter is crying and I have to go now.

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