New Year’s Resolution: To Post More

My resolution is to post weekly on this blog. I am realizing just how important it is for me to share my story, to share about my life with chronic illness, about what I think and how I cope with chronic pain.

I have so many things I want to write about: what it was like being a birth partner to my wife, what caring for an infant is like, how I am attempting to recover from chronic pain, how the pain started, about the disability justice movement and how chronic illnesses fit into that, about spiritual practice, about all my wonderful and terrible coping tools for chronic pain and the moments of deep contentment I can feel when I use them, about what goes on my head all day, about self-compassion and how important it is and how I keep forgetting to do it, about what a world would look like that accommodated chronic illnesses, about how disability is treated in Kong: Skull Island, about fear and how I find relief from it, about Zen and how I am moving away from it as I find it essentially not accommodating to my disability, about joy and fear and hope and the future and realizing the future is a thought and feeling the confidence of being here in this moment.

So many things.

About the disabled artists’ residency I am doing this spring and how the heck I am going to make dance in the body I have now.

About beginning my master’s degree in disability studies.

And so many comics to write.

I don’t know how many I’ll get to. It’s a busy spring with school, residency, moving my family to Rhinecliff, NY, and having chronic pain.

But I find it so inspiring and helpful to read from someone in a position like mine. And I think it is important, if there’s nothing else I can do, to share my experiences, about how I am making sense of my life and my relationships in the face of this quite cripping disability.

Stay tuned. 🙂

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