Coming back

Hello friends. Hello anyone who reads this blog.

It was a tough summer. My fear was so intense I considered going to an emergency room in Chicago. I would wake up in the morning afraid to leave my bed for fear of pain.

But months passed. I started Zoloft. The fear calmed. I used what I learned at the program to address my pain from many angles. I made progress. I am doing much better now.

I go for frequent hour-long walks. I occasionally go out to eat at a restaurant. I can watch and play with my daughter for a couple hours a day. I am less rigid, less afraid of anxiety and pain.

It took a lot of work and especially education to get here. But I now feel I know what is happening to cause my pain and how to retrain my nervous system to cause it less, to allow me to do more.

My aims are now: 1) To continue to improve; 2) To share what I have learned over the past 7 years with others stuck in pain.

But for now, I’m just saying hello again.

What felt like the end wasn’t, and I wanted to share that with you.

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